Discounts From Chinatown Businesses During the 2023 Flower Show

Dear Flower Show 2023 Attendees, we are thrilled to share that approximately 30 member businesses of the Philadelphia Chinatown Business Association will be offering a 10% discount to Flower Show 2023 attendees from March 4th to March 19th. Please note that certain participating merchants may have restrictions on certain product categories.

To redeem the discount, simply present your Flower Show ticket at the time of purchase. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to explore Chinatown’s diverse offerings and experience the culture and flavors of our community.

Thank you for your support of our local businesses. We hope you enjoy your visit to Philadelphia Chinatown and the Flower Show, and we look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community.

Participating Businesses

Sang Kee Peking Duck, 238 N 9th Street Peking Duck, Noodle Soup

Mr. Deer, 113 N 10th Street, Bubble Tea

Pho Xe Lua Viet, 907 Race Street Vietmanese, Thai

Nine Ting, 926 Race Street, Hot Pot & Korean BBQ

Tango Karaoke Lounge, 1021 Arch Street, Karaoke Lounge

Tea Do, 121 N 10 Street, Bubble Tea

Mochinut, 1023 Arch Street, Bubble Tea

Halal Guys, 1016 Race Street, Halal Food

Surreal Creamery, 1016 Race Street, Dessert

Bubble Fish, 909 Arch Street, Sushi

Terakawa Ramen, 204 N 9 street, Ramen

Yakitori Boy, 211 N 11 street, Sushi, Karaoke

Cily Chicken Rice & Thai, 933 Race street, Thai Cuisine

Megumi, 915 Race Street, Ramen & Sushi

EMei Restaurant, 915 Arch Street, Szechuan & Chinese Mon – Thurs only

Ocean Harbor, 1023 Race Street, Cantonese Dimsum, Seafood

Chu Shang Spicy, 925 Arch Street, Mala Soup

Banana Leaf, 1009 Arch Street, Malaysian Cusine

Happy Lamb Hot Pot, 1017 Arch Street, Hot Pot

Ocean City Restaurant, 234 N 9 street, Hong Kong, Dim Sum

Bai Wei, 1038 Race Street Chinese, Soup Dumplings Mon – Thurs only

Canto House, 941 Race Street, Roast Duck

Lee How Fook, 219 N 11 street, Cantonese Cuisine

Hong Qi Gong, Mr. Seven 135 N. 9 street, Hot Pot

Shiao Lan Kung, 930 Race Street, Chinese Cuisine

Tiger Sugar, 122 N 10 street, Bubble Tea

Elegant Home Center, 910 Arch Street, Lighting, Furniture

Vietnam Restaurant, 221 N 11 street, Vietnamese Cuisine

Hong Kong Tea & Bakery, 917 Race Street, Bakery, Bubble Tea